Seldovia Featured in a Premier Episode of “Buying Alaska”!

| October 18, 2012 | 2 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

Many of you remember the 5 men in black with big cameras this summer, as Paper Route Productions came to Seldovia for a total of 6 days to film 5 properties in the our area for the new show “Buying Alaska” on Discovery’s channel Destination America – for us, we can access it on Dish Network channel 194!  Take note – it is also listed as “Selling Alaska” on their website – so don’t miss it!

You keep asking, and now we know – the premier episodes will air this coming

Sunday, October 21
at 6:00PM and 6:30PM
Dish Network Channel 194

Sunday, October 28
at 6:30pm
Direct TV Channel 286

Episode 2 will feature John and Paulie Carluccio’s log cabin on Seldovia Bay!  This is a beautiful cabin, built by local log wright, Tim Dillon. Many Seldovians have had the opportunity to visit this Alaskan log home, which is listed with Seldovia Property.

While they were filming, we took a tour down Main Street, and rented an electric vehicle from Tom and Peggy for the trip out to the cabin.   There will be other familiar properties in this show, as the two other homes featured are on Kasitsna Bay and Halibut Cove.   Check out this video of the Buying Alaska Promo.  It was a pleasure as always to work with Philip Alderfer (shown left) Broker/Owner of The Alderfer Group who was the agent showing the properties in this episode.

There will be a total of 10 episodes this season, from Sitka and the Kenai River to Kodiak for us to enjoy!  It is so exciting to see our grand Alaska on the big screen!

Also, keep a lookout, as sometime in November, there will be an episode that will feature ONLY Seldovia Property!  There will be 2 homes on Seldovia Bay and one home on MacDonald Spit, and I, Jenny Chissus, Broker/Owner of Seldovia Property – will be the showing agent in that episode!  It will be an exciting episode as it is all about fly-in properties – and we had the typical weather challenges as the fog rolled in that day!  It is interesting to note, that for our upcoming episode, there were way more than 22 hours of film (there were 3 cameras filming most of the time) that will be reduced to 22 minutes for a half hour episode!

What a great opportunity to showcase the beauty of our area!   Here’s to showing off the highlights of Seldovia and Kachemak Bay!  Just another day in paradise!

Below commentary - taken from the Destination America press release.

“BUYING ALASKA proves that forgoing basic amenities is a reasonable tradeoff when it comes to breathtaking views and stunning wild surroundings that you can’t find anywhere in the lower 48 states.   Offering much more than living quarters, these properties are so in tune with the extraordinary landscape that it’s often what’s beyond the house that proves to be the main attraction – from the ability to hunt and fish from a back deck, to extreme seclusion on your own private island, to self-sustaining  features such as smokehouses and greenhouses.  However, there are also dangers that come with all the beauty, and living in this rugged and remote terrain can lead to animal attacks and brutal winters that cut you off from society. BUYING ALASKA may be only for the most adventurous of spirits as the new series premieres on Sunday, October 21 at 6pm Alaska Time on DESTINATION AMERICA.”

Here are some brief descriptions of the upcoming first 4 episodes!

Sunday, October 21 at 6 PM and 6:30PM (Alaska Time)
BUYING ALASKA, episode 1 – Salmon Capital
Scott and Kelly are Alaskan born-and-bred and true lovers of the outdoors with a passion for fishing. All Scott wants is a place on the Kenai River, home to the some of the greatest King Salmon fishing in Alaska. His goal is to fish right from his backyard. This couple comes across some tough choices when one cozy 480 square foot cabin can sleep up to seven people, but another has a secure bear door and bathhouse with running water.

BUYING ALASKA, episode 2 – Deep Sea Fishing Cabins
Be sure to not miss this episode, as it has featured properties in Seldovia Bay,  Kasitsna Bay and Halibut Cove!

Robert and Kristen Lamb travel from Utah every year with their four children to go fish for some of the best halibut and salmon in Alaska. They are looking for a cabin right on Kachemak Bay near their favorite fishing spots that will also work for their big family. Will the house on stilts with a 112-step stairway prove to be too difficult to maneuver or is it the home with the outhouse on a 50 ft. walk in bear country more appealing?

Sunday, October 28 at 6 PM and 6:30PM (Alaska Time)
BUYING ALASKA, episode 3 – Sled Dogs
Andy and Carolyn are avid dogsledders from New Jersey. They are moving to Alaska in hopes of becoming champion dog mushers. But to do that, they first need to find a home where they can raise and train their team. Will they choose the home with a two-seater outhouse or the cabin just out of reach from the dog trails?

BUYING ALASKA, episode 4 – The Wilderness Man
Bud Jacque is a former Merchant Marine looking for his Alaskan wilderness home with his wife, Susan. He’s a man of simple tastes; all he wants is a great view, and somewhere he can spend his days hunting and fishing. There’s a gem with a fish cleaning station, greenhouse, smoker and stunning vistas, but Susan may need more amenities before she’s ready to call it home.

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  1. SeldoviaGal says:

    Congratulations Debra! How exciting to have the Kenai Peninsula featured world-wide! Just showing off the beauty of Alaska! Love it!

  2. Debra Leisek says:

    Nice! Great Post! Your Friends at Bay Realty are on October 28 with you! the Wilderness Man is our segment

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