Seldovia, Alaska – Northwest of Oklahoma

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by Betty Jane Pollard

BettyJane_20120912_133742-1Greetings from Idabel, Oklahoma.  I recently returned home from your lovely town in September of this year.  My husband, Donnie, along with me and our two friends, Jimmie Wade and Martha Tucker flew to Seldovia from Homer.  Our host, Ted Stallings, flew us over to meet his wife, Patty, and begin our relaxing stay at their beautiful home.

You have many gorgeous sights to see, as I am sure everyone tells you.  However, I would like to share a most memorable walk through your city.  After deep sea fishing on Tuesday, I chose to experience the atmosphere of small town Alaska.  I walked around with a smile on my face made possible by your friendly citizens. Sure enough, my hamburger and fries at the local diner were very tasty.  I met a new friend, Jenny Chissus , and we ended up sitting together and comparing our life stories.  You are so very fortunate to have such a “go- getter” who has the promotion of your town at heart.  After going on line, I realized I had used her website to plan our trip and know what to expect upon arrival.  She even bought my lunch!

I checked out your school and town library.  After all, a retired English teacher never tires of learning.  Both were being utilized by children and adults.  The school seemed like a community center to me.

The museum graciously opened its doors after hours, and we all enjoyed a tour. Stepping outside, several women were exercising on a daily walk.  I just had to shop the wonderful store, Thyme On The Boardwalk , and then had to figure out how to get my “finds” in my suitcase!  I wanted the whole display of wooden floats.  Again, the shop opened its doors just for me.  I almost thought I was at home!

One evening, just to have said we did it, the girls, Patty, Martha, and I went to a “secret spot” to hunt for colored glass that washes up on shore after the tide.  We found some that I intend to make into a pin.  It was a hard climb down the hillside and up again, especially since we stayed until dusk.  Wouldn’t you know, we left a jacket and had to go back down.  We made it, and after singing a couple bars of “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar”, we decided to go bear hunting…from a car that is. We didn’t see any, but Patty said she had been places she didn’t know were there.

One last memory includes a trip to a book store that had closed for the season.  I was mesmerized by the beauty of the place as I sat on the porch overlooking the water and imagined me drinking coffee and visiting locals who would tell me Seldovia stories of long ago.  I will always wish I could have met the owner who left notes to customers about exchanging money for items when he was not there.

You will be in my thoughts for many years to come as I relive my wonderful afternoon of cool weather and warm friendly people.  Look me up if you come to Oklahoma, ya’ll.

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