Movie Review – The Star of Bethlehem

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By Jonathan Hoard

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

Everyone loves a good mystery.  Combine that mystery with the most celebrated holiday in human history and you have something worth looking into.  

The Star Of Bethlehem” is a documentary of stellar proportions.  We all know the story from the Scriptures of the Magi following the star but few have spent much time considering what the star could have been, if anything at all.  It has been easy for many through the years to relegate many of the fascinating stories from the Bible to mere myth simply because they are indeed fascinating.   The birth of Jesus Christ is central to not only Christianity but also all of human history.  Is there evidence of this event?  Did the Creator write the story in the stars from the beginning of time?  Can anyone know for sure?

Presenter Rick Larson guides the viewer on a search of the Scriptures as well as a trip though history.  Using some incredible software Larson turns back the night sky like a calendar until we are looking at the same stars the Magi saw.  

Though we all know that most documentaries are inherently dry you will find this film to capture you attention and your heart.  The images of the night sky, the planets, the stars and their movement though out the years will blow your mind.  In addition to the presenters lecture you can also utilize the same software online to take your own journey back through the years to the year Christ was born.  With the aid of some fantastic technology we can see what they saw in the night sky.

For all of time, many people have used the stars for aids in navigation and also believed they held some ability to guide them in life.  What if you could see the same star the Magi saw?  What if in seeing the same star you saw so much more?  Truly, wise men still seek Him.

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