High School History Class Makes Final Plans for East Coast Trip

| March 30, 2012 | 3 Comments

Dear Readers,

The high school American history class is taking a trip to Boston, New York, and Pennsylvania, to visit some of the historical places we have studied and learned about. On our trip we want to go to the Philadelphia Zoo, because that’s something that we in Seldovia don’t have. They have a variety of animals that aren’t even present in this state or country from the African lion to the sloth bear, okapi to the blue poison dart frog. It would be a fun and remembered experience to learn and view the animals located in the Philadelphia Zoo. We are hoping that you could sponsor us for our admission to the zoo.

As our high school history class we have had a few fundraisers over this past year, with things like the dinner, rummage sales, and bake sales, etc.  As a class we have made over $9,000 in the fundraisers alone already to pay for things like flights and hotels.  Now we just have to raise the money to do the things like the Zoo, so we are asking you for help. For each person it’s $18, and for our whole group of nine it’s $162. We are just asking for people to sponsor us either by one person or they whole group. We would appreciate it very much!

Written by Kaitlyn Hecks on behalf of the Susan B. English High School American history class. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact the school at 907-234-7616.

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  1. Stew Winterson SeaTow Palm Beach.. says:

    WE are very happy to be able to help your students!! To travel to the places that they read about will be an incentive to learn more about the world around them!! They also will realize that being raised in Seldovia is a luxury that will become more precious as time passes. Please keep posting the needs of your community in the Gazette and we will help out when we can.. We love your web cams around the city and look at them all every week!!! We are now watching the harbor cam to see the PEGGY & ME get back in the water and to work. Have a safe and fun trip!!!

  2. SeldoviaGal says:

    Thank you Stew and Donna for your support of our students and our school! Happy Spring!

  3. Stew Winterson, who has enjoyed several summers with Dave and Peggy
    Cloninger, just read this article in the gazette and will be most happy to put a check in the mail for $200.00 for the school trip. He has so enjoyed the opportunity to meet and become friendly with the citizens of Seldovia. He loves your town and everyone in it! We are hopeful this will make your trip possible! Bon Voyage!

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