Hello, Halo! There’s A New Cab in Town – 399-4229

| May 16, 2013 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

IMG_5463Two of our local citizens, Perley Morrison and Bobby Gese saw a need in our little community, and just this last week have started a cab service in Seldovia!  They already have two station wagons for getting folks around town and hope to add a van to their fleet in the near future. The new business is Halo Cab, though Halo is the name of one of Bobby’s dogs, it was Perley’s granddaughter,  Neveah who thought that would be a great name for the cab service!  Hello, Halo!

Perley mentioned that there has been a strong demand for speedy, reliable and year-long service in Seldovia – and he and Bobby plan to make that a reality!  Both Perley and Bobby are year-round residents and are excited about this new venture. Cab service will be available for service between 8:00am and midnight, seven days a week, all year long – even on holidays!  This won’t be just a summerbusiness, though they realize that a lot of their business this first few months will be from visitors, coming and going from the airport, harbor, Jakolof Bay and MacDonald Spit. They will also consider late night calls (after midnight), which may incur an “after-hour” charge.

As Perley works at the Seldovia House and Bobby cooks for Senior Meals and works for the AMHS, they agreed that there are many elders who need a hand to get about town – or to perhaps pick up something at the airport. So if you have a delivery to or from the airport, or have freight coming in at Jakolof – please give them a call, as they are happy to transport freight as well as people!   They are hoping that their new business will supply a valuable service to many who haven’t had a number to call for the little things!

Inside the city and to Outside Beach, the flat rate is $6.00, anything after that is $4.00 a mile. Since they don’t have a meter, they have established flat rates to MacDonald Spit, which is $30.00, and the fare to Jakolof Bay Dock is $42.00. If the car has more than three people, there is an extra $10 charge per additional person.

They are looking to add a bike rack to their vehicles as well as roof racks to help carry supplies.  Soon they will be able to accept Medicaid vouchers for their service, though it is extra paperwork, it is a way they can truly serve folks who need that extra help!

If you are planning a trip into Seldovia and need a lift – you can also make a reservation ahead of time!   In addition to Perley and Bobby, they have two back up drivers if there is more than two calls at once, or if one of them is at work, and two vehicles are needed.  They’ve got you covered!  Let’s support this new business in town – pass the word!  Hello Halo 399-4229!

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