Alaska Communications Brings Customer Service to Seldovia

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by Jenny Chissus

ACS brings customer service to Seldovia

ACS brings customer service to Seldovia

Yesterday, Wednesday the 18th, Alaska Communications  arrived in Seldovia “en force”!   There are 8 staff in town with varying degrees of expertise to help Seldovians with all aspects of their Alaska Communications service.   From the network technicians who are going out on the road to perform upgrades, repairs and offer technical support (Greg and Dominic) to the customer service folks for your cell phones and internet questions (Tonya and Amy) , a Marketing Specialist (Caitlin McDiffet), the General Manager of The Southwest District (Randy Dobbs) Director of Marketing from Anchorage (Chris Reyburn) as well as  our own Seldovian – Chris Crosta who is the General Manager of Anchorage Operations are all here to make sure Seldovia gets the service and support we need!  (Not all the visiting ACS staff were pictured above)

ACS is available for questions and service
at the Sea Otter Community Center
THURSDAY from 9:00am-5:00pm
FRIDAY  from 9:00am to Noon.  

So, if you have questions regarding anything ACS, from your cell phone operations, technical support on internet or home phone line service, ACS is here to serve!   Please stop by, there are some great giveaways: XBox games, bags, pens, digital picture frames and great customer service!  They have also brought along phones for purchase as well as samples of the phone styles available for your perusal, so that you can check out which one is just right for you!

I had to stop by to check in on some issues I’ve been having with my cell phone. Luckily, I was received by Tonya, who was very helpful and patient with me in helping my “smart phone” to get back to its smart phone status!   She actually updated the software (firmware) on the phone – which took a bit of time (over an hour! I think my phone set a record!) Fortunately for me, she had a computer with the software required to make the firmware upgrade!  That certainly wasn’t something I could have fixed over the phone – I’m so glad they were here!

So often, we have issues with a phone or our internet (often operator related – I admit) and it would be so much easier to be able to sit down with someone to figure it out – one-on-one!   Normally, we don’t have that option here in Seldovia – until now! Since I had to hang out for a bit while my phone was being reprogrammed, it was fabulous to see the many folks come and go, with questions, related to cell service, phone and internet home service dealt with right here in town!

Stop by anytime!  This is a great opportunity as there will be lots of time to walk through your questions, and you don’t have to pick a number!!

If you can’t make it into the Sea Otter Community Center while they are in town, Caitlin assured me that you can check in on their Facebook site at ACSWireless to get assistance.  You can expect a comment/reply within a couple hours if not wiithin minutes!

Maybe they should make a visit to Seldovia a quarterly event?

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