A Successful Summer Lecture Series Comes to a Close

| August 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

Reprinted with permission from the Seldovia Public Library, photo by Savannah Lewis

The second annual Summer Lecture Series co-sponsored by Seldovians for Science and the Seldovia Public Library has finished another successful season. We hope to continue to bring in scholars from a variety of disciplines to share their research and interests with us here in Seldovia.Last summer, we addressed the Big Bang, the age of the Earth, and Evolution. This summer we continued with the theme of directly addressing science denial.

In July, Ed Berg, retired Ecologist at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and instructor at Kenai Peninsula College talked about the effects of climate change on the Kenai Peninsula. Eduardo Wilner, Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy with a dual teaching appointment in Biology at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks gave two presentations on the difference between science and religion and the implications of “unintelligent” design afforded us by the unguided, natural process of evolution.

I’d like to thank the following people for making this lecture series possible: Stu and Betsy Feldberg, Kirby and Lynn Corwin at Kayak Attak, Ila and Tim Dillon at Dillon & Dillon, and Bob and Annie Rafferty at Alaska Paradise Charters, Tracy Philpot, Mark Janes and Tim Robertson of Nuka Research, Jere and Sandy Murray, Mark and Michelle Massion, Tracie Merrill, Savannah Lewis and especially the people of Seldovia who care enough about these ideas to come to the talks and learn more about them.

While our speakers have kindly donated their time and have been housed, fed and entertained by the folks listed above, there are substantial costs involved in getting them here and furthering this lecture series. We’d also like to be able to bring in speakers from out of state. If you would like to help support science education and critical thinking in Seldovia, please contact Kevin Gain @ kevin.gain@yahoo.com

Thanks, Kevin

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